Friday, April 3, 2009

Now Accepting Videos

Hey all GTASANDMC Fans or Visitors we are now accepting videos. If you have good videos you want us to upload. The send us a email via, also you must follow these resriction:

1. The subject of the email must be "Video For You"
2. The email layout must be the following:
*Title of Video*
*Description You Want*
*Your Email Address*
3. There must be NO copyright infigement in any way. (CopyRight on video games is excepted.)
4. Our website ( and Name (GTASANDMC) must be visible on the video.
5. Video will be viewed and may not be accepted sorry for any innconvienences.

Now please note that once we upload the video you will be sent a link to edit annotations via email. You will have the rights to tell us to remove the video. You are NOT aloud to put up annotations that scam us. You are aloud to give your self credit.
GTASANDMC Video Productions Team (Head Admin)

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