Monday, October 19, 2009

Sony Announces 250 GB PS3 Slim (Pre-Order at bottom of post)

250 GB PS3 Slim

Rumors have been circulating, and now Sony has confirmed that it is coming out with a 250 GB model of the PlayStation 3 Slim. The PlayStation Blog announced today that the new model will be coming on November 3, for $349.99. That's about $50 more than the current model, for more than double the hard drive space.

We were surprised last month when Microsoft inserted itself as the priciest console with the limited edition Modern Warfare 2 bundle. With this move, Sony has the same amount of HDD space, but without the game. However, that also means that once the limited edition MW2 bundle is sold through, Sony will once again have multiple SKUs and be the most expensive console on the market. Of course, Microsoft may also be planning to offer its own 250 GB SKU without Modern Warfare 2 as well, so we'll have to wait and see if Microsoft and Sony end up with price parity. -1UP

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