Sunday, July 19, 2009

How To Disable "User Account Control" (UAC) For Certain Programs! (First Time Ever!)

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Well here it is "Symantec" (The company that make Norton) made there own ad-on software for Windows Vista's "UAC" which sort of look like it replaces it but you can simply turn off "UAC" for certain programs you use on a daily bases.

Note: This is a beta (meaning it is still under development and testing) therefore it has some complications, such as it is ONLY for Windows Vista 64-Bit and 84-Bit operating systems at the moment, and may/will be automatically deleted and/or disabled from use, also if you were to reinstall any "Symantec" program it will stop working and will be extremely difficult to reinstall.

To download any Symantec beta program CLICK HERE
To download Symantec UAC beta CLICK HERE

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