Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home Update (N.A. Server Version) - Resistance 2 Space

Just another update for PlayStation Home. Today sony added the best space besides Xi (The Hub). You can finally consider Home as a first person shooter. They added a Resistance 2 space. In the space there's a mini game called "The Four Barrels" in it the objective is to shoot the space ships coming toward you, and yes they do shoot. At "Wave 4" there is a boss at the end, when you see the boss kill it and ignore all the other ships shooting at you, because the "boss" is really powerful and when you kill it the wave is over! Also by beating the "Wave 4" you get a resistance 2 t-shirt. Once we have mastered this game we will give you more information.

GTASANDMC Video Productions Team (Head Admin)

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