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How to configure you router for PS3 if you are having NAT-Type Problems

You can use this method with all routers, I just used this one as a example!

Basically your ps3 connection has a NAT type , this basically says how your connection to your router is, TYPE 1 means its directly connected to the internet so its perfect, TYPE 3 means it can connect to the internet but the connection isnt perfect/very laggy, a result of this is not being able to go into chat rooms, and nation games not working etc. well we try to get NAT type 2 which is wirelessly connected to the internet , but perfectly connected here we go!!

*give your ps3 a static ip address*
*okay this isnt too complicated, see every time a router gets accessed by a device (ps3, desktop, laptop etc.) it assignes it an ip address randomly depending on who logs in first,
on ps3
disable the media server function in 'network settings'
do an 'automatic' network connection and see if nat type 3 comes up at the end, if so, were on track
we need our ps3 to have an ip address that isnt given out randomly, as we will need it to have the same address, so you write down a new ip address, say we use .150 because you probably will never have 150 devices on your router at any given time!
*find out our internets ip details*
i had awful guff with this online because bad wording of ip addresses and such was used , SO I WILL MAKE THIS CLEAR
*run a command prompt, on your desktop click 'start'-'run'-'cmd' in the command prompt , type ipconfig/all and click 'enter' (This step is a little harder, so I will explain exatcly what to do. If you understood everything perfectly please ignore everything in yellow, blue, and green. All Righting in blue is writting you must read if you were having trouble doing the above step. Any writing in green is "windows vista and xp only" ONLY!
Step1: First click on the "Start Menu" which is located on the bottom left side of you screen by default only.

[The next step is for windows vista and xp if you are using a different operating system please skip to step 3]

Step2: Next, for windows vista and xp only, at the bottom of the of the start menu, there should be a place where you can type something, and by default it would say in very lite letters "Start Search" this is your "Search bar". In your "Search Bar" type CMD. If this step worked please skip to Step 4. Via ignore brownish-gold colour.

[If this step did not work for you because you are either using an older operating system and/or windows xp please move on to step 3. If not please skip to step 3! or if you are using mac I am not fully sure, sorry.]

Step3: This is for windiows xp or older ONLY! Right click on the "Start Menu" which is on the bottom left side of the screen by default. A menu should appear saying "Search" somewhere in it. Click on "Search". Now search for a program called CMD. Search for CMD in your Hard Drive (C drive) Note: It is not set to search you whole hard drive by default. Once you find CMD open it.

Step4: Now type ipconfig/all and press enter.

[Now those steps should have worked for you so now you can finish reading the guid normally.])*now, write down the numbers for these addresses: IP GATEWAY,DNS SERVER 1, DNS SERVER 2 they will be used later on.

*fiddling with your router*(in the good way!)
*okay , now we are going to open some ports on your netopia router, DONT WORRY ITS NOT DANGEROUS, because we will only let these ports be opened when your ps3 'asks for them' so to speak, and considering your ps3 doesnt get viruses, you are safe!

*in your internet address bar type in your 'IP GATEWAY' you just got from the command prompt, just the numbers and dots, no need for a 'www' or any of that! on netopia routers the gateway is generally so i will use that for now.
type in the browser address window. and your netopia router page should appear, im gonna make this as easy as possible , so bear with me for a minute, were now going to 'open' and 'enable' the ports and 'enable' your ps3's ip address to know to recieve these ports.

*okay click EXPERT MODE on the left hand column, click 'YES , ENTER EXPERT MODE', double click the word 'configure, go down and click on 'NAT' click 'STATIC NAT' click ythe dropdown icon, see if your ip address is there, if so click it, click on done, if this works, igore the paragraph in brackets
(if not i think you have to sign into psn using the new ip beforehand, im not sure, to do that just use the custom ip and use the same settings but use you GATEWAY as the bar saying DEFAULT ROUTER , then come back to this step)
now im going to list a range of ports and what to do with them , we will call the example port aaaa .
click on NAT as you did earlier,(notice how the ps3 ip is there , listed under static ip? thats good)
click DEFINE CUSTOM SERVICE click in 'PORT FORWARDING' , select next , type anything in the service name, something that you will know its related to the ps3,
see the settings for 'global port range' if its only one port thats being entered enter the same port in the left and right hand boxes, in every case , enter the lower port in the box below saying 'base port' even if theres only one port, and chage the TCP/UDP settings according to every port.
heres the ports , repeat the same process for each one, after that window, select the static ip address you made in the drop-down list so it gets forwarded only for the ps3
* TCP port 80
TCP port 443
TCP port 5223
UDP port 3478-3479
UDP port 3658-3659

*now we 'enable' them all, when your done, click NAT on the left hand side, click the dropdown menu that has 'age of empires' written on it and scroll to the bottom, click on the ports you made with the asterix beside them (*) and click enable , then enter the ps3 ip address in the bar , to 'enable them just for the ps3' okay ,

*now click 'configure ' on the left and then click 'connection ' and tick the box that says "upnp"
now,to summarise, we should have , when we click NAT on the left hand column, a:
static NAT address, enabled, thats the ip youre going to use on your ps3
7 ps3 ports, all enabled to the 'host device' of your ps3's ip

*now , enter basic mode, click firewall, and set to low, this isnt dangerous as long as you have a desktop firewall such as windows or mcafee etc...
save changes, and RESTART YOUR ROUTER!
now, turn your ps3 off, then on again , now go to Network settings and click network settings, im putting this in bullet form for easiness
-wireless/wired(though this guide is based on a wireless connection)
-enter security settings
-now for your ip info CLICK MANUAL
-where it says 'ip address' enter the STATIC IP ADDRESS YOU MADE UP
-subnet mask is normally
-DEFAULT ROUTER, this wants you to input your GATEWAY number you wrote down
-DNS 1/primary , enter the one you wrote down,
i dont think the ps3 needs it , try it without using the 2nd one,
-cick NEXT
-'proxy server' DONT ENABLE THAT
-upnp , enable if you could in your router
thats all , save settings and do connection test, see what nat type comes up at the end, if its 2 , its perfect! dont do anyhting to your router and congratz! if not , perhaps a bit of the guide was overlooked, if that isnt the case either leave me a post and ill try and help,

good luck,

GTASANDMC Video Productions Team


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